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Numerology Life Path Number 11

Learn what life path number 11 tells about your life.

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Meaning of life path 11

The Healer

Individuals with the Life Path number 11 are very intuitive, in fact it is the most intuitive of all numbers.

They are sensitive and have a great understanding of others, and can sense a great deal about what is going on behind the scenes.
For example, they will pick up on people's relationships and health without being told anything. They are here to use their gifts of intuition, and sensitivity to help others.

Master number 11 brings higher intuition and spiritual insight, supernatural abilities, increased sensitivity, as well as empathy and natural intelligence. The number eleven is a sign of enormous power – both mental and physical.

Due to their high sensitivity, responsiveness and power, individuals with this number may be presidents, politicians, managers, artists, writers or other high-ranking persons.
When it comes to relationships, they walk slowly along the shore and seek more information about their potential partner. They are not the type of person who immediately jump into the depths.

People born with the Master Number 11 love working, finances, international relations and business. They perceive money as a synonym of joy.
In many cases, they are self-employed and do not need to live under the domination of another person or company. Energy is inside you, and you are able to manipulate and direct people. You only need to develop these skills in yourself.
It is believed that most of prominent politics and leaders are born under the 11 number.

The high sensitivity (hypersensitivity) and workaholism – they spend more time working than relaxing. Other negative aspects include the lack of time for their own needs, insomnia, and too much openness.
These individuals also have a tendency to take all the responsibility on their own shoulders.

What is life path number?

Life path number is calculated via the person's date of birth. You can use our numerology calculator to calculate your life path number and see what it implies about your life.

One person's life path number provides information about:

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What is my life path number?

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